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I'm Mayan, the person behind the brand Golden Thread Décor.

I am a trained Opera Singer (and in non Covid19 times, also a working one) that enjoys making pretty things when I am not making music, and that is passionate about making sure the things I create are sustainable and ecologically conscious. 

Like many people during the Covid-19 pandemic, my work as a musician was brought to a grinding halt when lockdown measures came into place (#stayathome and #wearamask) and I was left with lots of extra time on my hands, and lots of creative energy that didn't have its usual outlet on stage.
Well, what's a creative gal to do except... create!
So, I decided, as the old cliche goes, to make some lemonade from those proverbial lemons (or a limoncello, we all gotta do what we gotta do these days!) and to make an old dream come true: 
To give my handmade embroidery pieces and graphic creations a chance to take center-stage in my life (yes, I went for that pun).
So here I am - the proud and happy owner of my own little line of eco-friendly products, designed by me, and a collection of my own handmade embroidery pieces, sold to people all over the world.

Thank you for taking the time and stopping by to read my story! 
Happy browsing and I look forward to sending you your orders. 
I hope they will make you smile as they make me!

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